Chillicothe/ Ross County = 9 Grains per Gallon

Chillicothe and Ross county municipal water on average has a hardness level of 9 GPG ( grains per gallon).

Water described as "hard" is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. Hard water is not a health risk, but a nuisance because of mineral buildup on fixtures and poor soap and/or detergent performance.

Hard water interferes with almost every cleaning task from laundering and dishwashing to bathing and personal grooming. Clothes laundered in hard water may look dingy and feel harsh and scratchy. Dishes and glasses may be spotted when dry. Hard water may cause a film on glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, etc. Hair washed in hard water may feel sticky and look dull. Water flow may be reduced by deposits in pipes.

Dealing with hard water problems in the home can be a nuisance.  The amount of hardness minerals in water affects the amount of soap and detergent necessary for cleaning.  Soap used in hard water combines with the minerals to form a sticky soap curd. Some synthetic detergents are less effective in hard water because the active ingredient is partially inactivated by hardness, even though it stays dissolved.   Bathing with soap in hard water leaves a film of sticky soap curd on the skin.   The film may prevent removal of soil and bacteria. Soap curd interferes with the return of skin to its normal, slightly acid condition, and may lead to irritation. Soap curd on hair may make it dull, lifeless and difficult to manage.

When doing laundry in hard water, soap curds lodge in fabric during washing to make fabric stiff and rough.  Incomplete soil removal from laundry causes graying of white fabric and the loss of brightness in colors. A sour odor can develop in clothes. Continuous laundering in hard water can shorten the life of clothes.  In addition, soap curds can deposit on dishes, bathtubs and showers, and all water fixtures.

Hard water also contributes to inefficient and costly operation of water-using appliances. Heated hard water forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals that can contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of water-using appliances.

Pipes can become clogged with scale that reduces water flow and ultimately requires pipe replacement. 

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Hard water and soap do not work well with each other. The dissolved rock in the water react with the chemicals in the soap creating a sticky scum or an insoluble residue called soap curd that's difficult to wash away.

A CWF Water Softener prevents the formation of soap curd which can leave a thin layer of film on your skin clogging pores leaving your skin dry and rough, making your hair dull-looking and sticky and possibly cause skin infections due to bacteria being trapped in pores beneath the soap curd build-up.

Most soap is made with compounds of sodium and potassium, such as sodium stearate. Sodium stearate reacts with the calcium compounds in the water and produces calcium stearate. The ingredient found in soaps, sodium stearate, dissolves in water; however calcium stearate, the compound formed by the combination of hard water and soap does not dissolve. This means less lather for you and more soap curd, this is the deposits and residue of the combination of soap and hard water that is left on your skin.

The "squeaky" feel or sound many people associate with being clean is actually your skin sticking because of the residue.

Because your CWF Water Softener has prevented the formation of soap curd, you will need less shampoo for you hair, less soap for your body. There will be no need for conditioners for your hair or lotion for your skin, the soft water provided by your CWF Water Softener lets your body’s natural oils keep your hair soft and shiny and your skin smooth and silky. You will also use less all-purpose cleaning products for your bathroom. The Water Quality Association estimates that a home water softener will save a homeowner up to 75% of the cost of all cleaning products.

CWF Water Softener protects all water using appliances from the damage caused by hard water scale build up. A water softening system will significantly extend the life of your dishwasher, coffee maker, and ice maker.

By removing the hardness in your water, your cleaning products can work more efficiently, there is no need to overcome the dissolved rock in your water. The soft water provided by a CWF Water Softener will reduce by up to 75% the amount of cleaning products used in your kitchen. This includes dish washing detergent, hand soap, and all purpose cleaners.

The chalky or lime build up on kitchen fixtures will no longer be an issue, the CWF Water Softener not only removes the hardness from your water before it can build up on your fixtures, it is also prevents the build up of scale in the pipes that you can't see.

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