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At Chillicothe Water Filtration we specialize in the Sales and installation of Water Softeners, whole house Carbon Water Filters and Reverse Osmosis Systems for drinking water.

Our 3 stage whole house system delivers Soft, Clean, Healthy water to every tap in your home.

Our  Water Softeners are second to none. We use only top quality resin. Our softeners use industry leading Fleck control heads. All of our systems are automatic. No maintenance required other than periodically adding salt. 

Our Whole House Carbon Filteration System Takes out chlorine, chloramines, taste, odor, sediment and more. Leaving you with clean, good tasting, healthful water!

Eliminate the expense and the waste of plastic bottles from buying bottled water. Our Reverse Osmosis System for drinking water delivers bottled water quality drinking water right at your tap!

Weather you live in the city of Chillicothe or rural Ross county we have the perfect system for you!

We Offer Sales, Installation & Maintenance 

Our 3 stage system for whole house conditioning and filtration:

  1. Premium Water Softeners
  2. Whole house  Water Filter Systems
  3.  Reverse Osmosis Systems for drinking water 

For pricing check out our products page.

Chillicothe Water filtration serves Ross, Pickaway, Pike, Fayette and surrounding counties.

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Excellent Service

Our staff is trained to assist you with any of your water needs. If you have any questions, feel free to speak with one of our employees. You can also purchase any replacement filters and parts you need directly from us.

Say goodbye to Hard, Chlorinated, Contaminated water and say hello to Clean, Soft, Good Tasting and Healthful water from every tap in your home.  With our water filtration systems, you and your family can enjoy drinking and using only clean, great-tasting, and healthy water.

Contact us through phone or email to ask any question you have about our company, our services, as well as products. Contact us now for a free no obligation water test and consultation.

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